Truck wrapping

There are 2 main ways we can use to wrap/make an advertising on the truck:

  • Printed graphic
  • Cut graphic

Of course it is also possible to change colour of the vehicle.

Essentially all of them usually base on self-adhesive films (vinyls) and can be applied on flat surfaces or curved shapes. Also all are available as a cheap option for short expositions or as the best quality film for more than a few years expositions. Of course we always support you with all technical data of every product, to make the best choice for you.

“Your truck – your space. Do not waste it.
Especially, that there is no rent payment for advertising!”

What you should remember is that of all these wraps we can apply on truck, as well as on the other car, caravan (camper), bus or trailer. Even on motorcycle or scooter.

We mostly use products made by the best ones in this industry: 3M, Arlon, Hexis, Mactac, Avery and Oracal. At the bottom of the page “About”  You can find some more information directly from those  manufacturers.

Printed graphic

Printed graphic is a white film on which we can print whatever you wish.  It can be any photo or picture bought on internet or delivered from your private collection. It can also be a very visible advertising to grab as much attention as it is possible. Except a really short term applications, there is a protection of the graphic with laminate (gloss, satin, matt) which adds abrasion and UV immunity.

See what is possible:

Printed graphic on box truck

Printed graphic on van

Printed graphic on bus
Printed graphic on caravan (camper)
Printed graphic on trailer
Printed graphic on snow scooter

Cut graphic

Cut graphics are the shapes cut off from ready-to-use film. This is a material, which may look like a wood, metal, stone, carbon, leather, chrome or pure colour (gloss, satin, matt). It has visual pattern and 3D texture (unless it is a chrome or pure colour film).

See what is possible:

Cut graphic on box truckt7
Cut graphic on semitrailert8
Cut graphic on bus or caravant9
Cut graphic on trailert10
Mixed printed and cut graphic on vant11


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