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Glass wrapping

There are 5 main ways we can use to make wraps/decals on the glass:

  • Solid colour or pattern
  • Printed graphic on clear film
  • Printed graphic on perforated film
  • Cut graphic
  • Dichroic film

Essentially most of them usually base on self-adhesive films and can be applied only on flat surfaces. Also mostly are available in one option of durability. Of course we always support you with all technical data of every product, to make the best choice for you.

“Play with the light enter onto the new level.
Regardless of whether You want more privacy, to have an advertising or even to impose the mood of the place-
now You can do it nice and easy.”

What you should remember is that of all these wraps we can apply at home, as well as at the office, shop or any other public or private place. Even in caravan and boat.

We mostly use products made by the best ones in this industry: 3M, Arlon, Hexis, Mactac, Avery and Oracal. At the bottom of the page “About”  You can find some more information directly from those  manufacturers.

Solid colour or pattern

This is a solid colour or clear film with regular and repeatable pattern of squares, stripes or dots.  It is used to increase privacy in light and discreet way.

See what is possible:

(Glass film – FASARA: video from 1 minute, 26 seconds)


Printed graphic on clear film

This solution gives You countless number of solutions. It merges advantages of a few techniques previously used only separately. First of all the film itself is perfectly clear, so in places where there is no overprint, it is impossible to see anything on the glass. In the result, it is not necessary to cut printed graphic along its edges before it is applied on substrate. The secondary is that we can decide whether the colour should be transparent or not, and if so, then how much. Both above allow us to use shadows around the edges and makes installation and maintenance a lot easier then ever before. The last main good point follows from using a white ink among other common colours-finally there is no limits in design! Printed can be any photo or picture bought on internet, delivered from your private collection or even designed by our graphicians according to your clues .

See what is possible:

Printed graphic on perforated film

This is a white film with small, regular holes. That perforation enables  the One Way Vision effect. It means, that glass watched outside looks almost like totally blind, but inside it is quite light and let everybody see through.

See what is possible:

Cut graphic

It this method we usually use common films, which look like a frosted or dusted glass or are in a pure colour (gloss, satin, matt) . Of course it is possible to use almost every material available on market, as well. It can be cut in fancy shapes in different colours.

See what is possible:

Dicroic film

This makes a dynamic effect, in which glass changes its colour depending on the angle of view.

See what is possible:



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