Modern science, permanent researches and vision of a better world makes dreams come true. Now we  can change almost every surface with self-designed graphics. Does not matter if it is a textile, glass, wood, tales, brick, stone, metal or plastic. What we design according to your clues, will be applied directly on what you wish. Except water ;)


All materials and supplies are delivered by the biggest manufacturers in this industry: mostly 3M Corporation and HP Corporation. It means the best quality, with all valid safety certificates and warranties. You will be always informed, if the place does not fulfil all necessary conditions to apply what you wish. I.E. for indoor printed applications we usually recommend ecological water-based latex printing. For more go there: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/commercial-printers/latex-printers/ink-media.html


Depends on what you need and for how long, we can find a proper solution. Usually for short-time expositions it is recommended to use cheap materials, same as for long-term we use the best available. These usually look good for at least a few years, and up even to teen years. Almost all applications are resistant for water and other soft liquids, some mechanical damages and UV, so during normal use can last really long time. Or until you will be bored again! ;)

For example, the newest technology in large format printing is the latex printing by HP:

Also 3M is a huge, incredibly innovative technology corporation:

Here You can find some more information directly from  manufacturers:

3M Architectural Markets

3M interior Decoration

3M Vehicle Graphics (trucks and boats)

ARLON Automotive (trucks and boats)

HEXIS Products

MACTAC Products

MACTAC Boat Wrapping

AVERY Products

ORAFOL Products

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