Are you bored, need some changes around?
Maybe even small one makes you smile more often?
Or really need something spectacular?

You are in the best possible place to get the knowledge, inspiration or  practical help. We operate in Ålesund which lays in Sunnmøre, Møre og Romsdal on the west coast of Norway.

WHAT do we do?

  • apply foils with ready-to-use patterns of:
    • wood
    • metal
    • stone
    • carbon
    • leather
    • chrome
    • pure colour (gloss, satin, matt)
  • apply printed foils with :
    • photo taken by yourself
    • image chosen and bought anywhere
    • graphic design made by us

WHERE do we do?

  • on:
    • furniture
    • truck
    • caravan
    • boat
    • wall
    • window (glass)
    • floor
    • other places/surfaces

HOW do we do?

  • with:
    • self-adhesive film
    • digital printing
    • other modern techniques


We provide service including whole process:

  • advice
  • measurement
  • design
  • production
  • supply
  • application
  • maintenance
  • removing


Our solutions are ECO-SMART, what means that they allow You to simultaneously save natural environment and money in a very smart way (by reducing wasting old, but still useful things, which belongs to You):

Hope You will find here, what You are looking for.
If not – we will be very appreciate if  You tell us, how can we help You by  improving our services.

Please keep in mind, that in many categories You will sometimes find very similar sentences. It is because the materials we use have often very wide range of applications, so can be stuck onto various  substrates and used in different conditions.

Enjoy watching galleries and videos!


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